My name is Leslaw Robert Kostulski. I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.

I received my Master's degree after finishing the faculty of grafics in 2001 in the warehouse of grafical designing
of prof. Eugeniusz Smolinski.

Since 1995 I have been dealing with graphical designing in the area of book illustrations and posters. I have been cooperating with the biggest publishing houses in my country, among others Proszynski i s-ka, Podsiedlik-Raniowski i s-ka, WSiP, Wydawnictwo Dolnoslaskie, Arkady, Bellona, Siedmiorog.
As far as the theme is concerned I paint everything - from pictures for classical literature of the world, through photographically detailed illustrations of nature , full of fantasy illustrations for children, to schematic and often banal educational pictures of textbooks.

I have also done a few covers for phonographic issues and a few posters.
The work of illustrator is wonderful. After all, you can see it yourselves.I don't hide the fact that doing something you love is exciting. Sometimes I am impressed by my own possibilities :) and I think to myself that there is no thing I wouldn't paint. I may sound vain and proud but it really gives a sense of safety ( after all it is a profession ) and makes your imagination seek for challenges.
What about art? This big, ambitious art? After all I finished academy. Well, I have my visions, topics, designs, dreams. However I am an artist a bit ( or maybe more that a bit) archaic. In my work I am still in XIX century. With a tear in my eye, with melancholy and not hidden bitterness I look back to past times, so beautiful for art.

Patrons of the biggest galleries were not only artists but also rich city dwellers. The art was then for everyone.
And the trash although it was also omnipresent was of different value than it is today. My dream and artistic fulfillment is the creation of such compromise in which not counting trash ( for instance painting pictures matching the colour of the wallpaper) I will give birth to works which will appeal to everyone. I think that if I change a few things in my life I will be able to create something which will be remembered even when I become a collection of molecules ( or maybe yet during my life? Who knows?). I put strong emphasis, however so that the beauty in my art could have more traditional character. Because here and now there is a gap in art which I would like to fill in.

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