My workshop is not very imposing. In fact this land of creation covers 4,5 square meters.

Sometimes it is tight and I often have to bend down to pick falling objects. However it used to be worse so I don't complain. The fact that I work at home gives me plenty of rope and in theory I save a lot of time. In theory, because in practice when my wife has a lot of work apart from my commissions I also do things like cooking, tidying, washing, repairing and fulfilling the whims of my son.
There is a terrible chaos then and work is not effective enough.That is why I have found a cure for it but unfortunately it spoils my health instead of curing it.
This cure is working at nights. I have become a bat, a night creature. Even my biological clock has adjusted to it.
I know it because I have tried many times to restore a normal way of function. Without positive results. Sleeping pills didn't work either. And here is my whole world. It was all prepared by myself. The shelf for paints and legs under blade ( I used Ikea legs as a model, but mine are much bigger and more safe) I also made myself.
I love wood and although my bench is really poor, working with wood is wonderful for me. I wasn't able to make blade on my own so I order it. Indeed when I paint, especially in the late stage of work there is an apparent mess on the table. However I care about my workshop, I do my best to keep it clean, and tidy after I finish work. Then starting each following illustration even on the worst day becomes more pleasant.
  I paint mainly using three types of paints. The inks of the Dutch company Talens - Ecoliny are most fundamental. For an amateur these are very difficult paints. They have a consistence of water, but the most difficult thing while using them is the fact that they are completely transparent. For example covering a mistake with white paint, or any other is in fact impossible. This paint when it becomes dry and meets even a little moisture , immediately appears again. I manage to work with it but as far as amateurs are concerned I advice patience and smartness. In order to achieve darker tints and in general productivity I have prepared for myself a glass palette and I dry ecoline in it. Then it works as classical water-color as far as more intensive colors are concerned. Other kinds of paints are gouaches, also produced by Talents company and acrylates – Chromacryl, Australian paints made by Chroma company. The latter after preparing the right consistency I use for aerograph. I use gouaches to create more ambitious works although in fact during the realization of them I use all three kinds of paints. However they are least unpredictable and when I cannot manage with ecolines I do the illustration in gouache.
  The colours and the general character of a work is not that of water-colour kind but it looks equally impressive. In such work, however time plays a huge role. If you work with ecoline doing an illustration takes little time, usually from one to a few hours. The work in gouache takes from one to a few days.
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